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Peter Solymosi's Himachal Academy
Base Camp Manali
Painting at Pangong Tso
Lost in a Whirlpool
Join me on painting tours into the Indian Himalayas! Painters foremost welcome.
Planned projects in Lahoul and Zanskar regions.
Rhotang Lake, 4.800 m, 15.800 ft. - May or September 2008
Chandar Tal Lake, 4.300 m, 14.000 ft - August 2008
Shingkun La Pass, 5.100 m, 16.800 ft - June or July or August
Kargyak Valley
As a painter you are required to build and carry your canvas. Bring your staple gun with sufficient amount of ammo.
Frames, stretchers for the wounded, canvas, artistic paint are available in Delhi. I could come to town to meet you up and help purchasing your working material leaving Delhi's summer heat within three days. As planned you would have a peaceful environment within a week after arrival to start working.
Participants run their budget as everything self-cost; your basic living expenses including such as a decent shelter with kitchen access and private studio space in the village is about $ 100/month. Including food at least another hundred... Try to commit for 2-3 months, the longer the better.